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L.D. 2100

The Maine Leaseholders Association


H.P. 1599 - L.D. 2100

An Act to Provide for Notice of Termination, Nonrenewal or Change in Terms of Certain Leases

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

    Sec. 1. 14MRSA c.710-D is enacted to read:



6047. Application

  1. Parties to agreement; purposes of agreement. This chapter applies to agreements between:
    • A person, referred to in this chapter as the “lessor,” who owns land in territory under jurisdiction of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission;
    • A person, referred to in this chapter as the “lessee,” who intends to construct or to occupy a building or buildings owned by that person on leased land in territory under jurisdiction of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission for recreational or residential purposes on a seasonal or year-round basis or to operate a business consisting of a commercial sporting camp, campground or retail store.
  2. Prospective application. This chapter applies to agreements entered into or renewed on or after the effective date of this chapter.

6048. Written lease and description required

    An agreement described in section 6047 must be made in the form of a written lease and must include at least a general description of the boundaries of the land to be leased.

6049. Required notice

  1. Required notice of change in terms. A lessor must give a lessee at least 30 days’ notice of a change in the terms of a lease.
  2. Required notice of termination. Unless the lease is terminated for cause, a lessor must give notice to a lessee of the intent to terminate the lease at least one year prior to the effective date of the termination. All terms of the lease remain in effect following the notice, except that:
    • Termination provisions of the lease to the extent inconsistent with this section are void, beginning on the date the notice is provided;
    • The lessee may terminate the lease earlier than the effective date provided in the notice; and
    • If the lessee violates the lease during the period between the giving of the notice and the termination date provided in the notice, this section no longer applies and the lessee has only the rights provided in the lease.

    For purposes of this subsection, “cause” means violation by a lessee of a term of a lease

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