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The Maine Leaseholders Association

The Maine Leaseholders Association is an organization devoted to improving communications between private landowners and leaseholders like ourselves. We are business people, retirees, hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers, and camp owners who have for years honored the Maine tradition by serving as stewards of the land we are privileged to rent.

We have been presented with an opportunity to increase news coverage of lease issues and enhance our ability to inform lease holders on meeting times and leasing information.

“All Maine Matters,” a monthly newspaper with wide distribution throughout the state, has agreed to carry a regular column devoted to the Maine Leaseholders Association.

Additionally, we intend to regularly update this web site.

We have done away with the family membership and now have just two rates: individual and commercial membership. Rates are as follows:

  • Individual membership -- $40.00
  • Commercial membership -- $75.00

There is also a need for donations to the legal defense fund in order to maintain the necessary legal representation for the members at times when landowners have become difficult to deal with. This is an option that we need to provide in order to protect the best interest of our membership and our property.

As leaseholders, we all have common interests, which are the love of the land and the use of the land. Whether it is snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, camping, or whatever it might be, we must make sure that the use of the land is protected for future generations.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please call or write: 207/723-4476 or by email to

The Maine Leaseholders Association